The Fee for the act of notarizing a document is set by the State 0f Texas

Fees for traveling to your location  and convenience are in addition to any set by the state

Taking Acknowledgement or Proof, administering Affirmation or Oath, Swearing a Witness for a Deposition, Certifying a Non Recordable Copy, all Certificates under seal not otherwise provided

  • First signature $6.00
  • Each additional signature same document $1.00

Taking a Deposition of a Witness (each 100 words)

  • $0.50

Providing a Copy of an entry from the Notary Record Book (per page)

  • $0.50

Travel Fee

  • First 20 miles $40.00
  • Each additional mile $1.00

Escrow/ Real Estate Closing

Printing of Electronic Documents

  • First 150 pages $25.00
  • Each additional page $0.15
  • Printing fees are due in the event of cancellation after documents are printed, normally 2 hours before scheduled closing time 

Single loan closing

  • First 25 miles included $130.00
  • Each additional mile $1.00

Additional loan closing

  • Same location as first loan closing, must be related to the first closing, i.e. piggy back loan, seller or buyer docs $25.00

Additional Loan Closing                                                               

  • Same location as first loan closing, unrelated to first closing $50.00

Electronic Scan and return of documents

  • First 15 pages $20.00
  • Each additional page $0.50

Document package mail service

  • With your mailing label or account number $15.00
  • No account or mailing label provided $15.00 plus cost of shipping

Travel/ non-closing fee

  • This fee is due if notary travels to location and borrower refuses to

sign due to no fault of the notary $75.00

Detention Centers, Jail, Prisons, etc.

  • Due to the wait time involved in processing in and out of these facilities a service fee as well as travel will be involved. Contact me for more details on this service.

Wait Fee

  • All clients will be charged a wait fee past the appoitment time.
  • Wait time fee will be $30.00 each half hour, half hour minimum will be charged after appoitment time.
  • Additionaly if meeting is not kept by client or is at a time that would interfere with next appoitment the Notary will not be completed and must be rescheduled. All charges will still apply as if the notary did take place. All appropriate travel fees will also apply.

Late Fee

All services will be billed upon completion and are due at time services are rendered. All invoices will be emailed upon completion of the job. All Law Firm and Real Estate/ Escrow type documents are due within 7 days of completion of invoice if a representative is not present. All invoices past 7 days will be billed a 5% late fee and an additional 5% each 30 days from the date of the invoice.

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